We still think it is brilliant to be able to pitch camp in a minute – and lie 60 centimetres above the ground in a tent. Thus, the idea behind a Combi-Camp has not changed since 1964 – only the design.

Being on holiday is about spontaneity, freedom and simplicity. When the basic things function and the map is bought – the rest follows naturally. We believe it should be easy to go on holiday. The holiday must begin when you pull out of the driveway. In a time where vehicles and equipment are becoming bigger and bigger and more and more complex – we still think that preparing to leave and unpacking equipment must be as simple as possible. It must be of a sturdy quality but without being too much to carry around.

Why choose between outdoor experiences and comfort – when both are possible?


Combi Camp vouwwagens - Vouwwagen met klasse

A caravan without the inconveniences

Not everyone immediately associates comfortable camping with a tent trailer. A fully equipped caravan is a much better option. However when travelling to your destination, a caravan adds to your overall fuel consumption and tolls are high, as are the prices for ferry crossings, campsites and winter storage. And you need a reasonably powerful car to tow a caravan, which also increases the amount of road tax you pay in some countries.

Once on the campsite, a caravan’s living space is quite small, so you will need an awning. And you won’t want to cook in your bedroom, of course; you do that on a barbecue or in a separate kitchen. But the fridge is indoors, involving endless trailing up and down the steps.

Buy a Combi-Camp tent trailer, and you have all the pros without the cons of luxury camping. You have a comfortable bed with a foam filling, as big as yours at home, in a mosquito-free sleeping compartment. The kitchen is always where you need it: en route, you can get a tasty lunch from the fridge; at the campsite you have everything to hand, with lots of working space at standing height. The awning comes with telescopic poles, so it can be erected very easily.

And then setting it up! With a caravan, you don’t have a clear view of what you’re doing or the strength to move it where you want it. A mover is one solution, but a Combi-Camp tent trailer is better. You can move it into place, on your own if necessary. The lid folds out to become the floor for the tent which opens out with it. Done. No caravan can beat that.

In a Combi-Camp trailer tent, the luggage is stored under the bed, along with chairs, bicycles, boats or surfboards. The luggage box is supplied as standard.
Because the trailer tent is low, it handles better on the road and you have an unobstructed view. This makes everything safer and more relaxed. Because you don’t want your holiday to be too much like work!