Der Combi-Camp

FLEXI Comfort

Designed for families looking for a lot of beds and taking along loads of stuff. The FLEXI has 6 beds and a huge luggage space up to 1000 – 1500 liters.

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The looks of the tent are unmistakeable Combi-Camp, but the Flexi is a completely new addition to the product range.

What you always get:

  • Automatic awning
  • Windshields on both sides
  • Two double bedspring beds
  • Luggage room / childrens tent
  • Windows in sleeping cabins
  • Overrun break
  • Fitted kitchen
  • Sparewheel and bracket
  • Schock absorbers
  • 12 volt connection
  • Support feet on front
  • 219 – 329 gallons luggage space

The tent is comfortable thanks to the use of material and ventilation possibilities. Even when it rains, you have an all-round view, even from your bed.

Technische Informationen

Max Gewicht750 kg

Leer Gewicht460 kg

Ladegewicht290 kg

Größe mit deichsel405x156x117 cm

Gepäckraum unter loungebank210x140x22 cm (35/70/35)

Gepäckraum (LB)1.000 ltr

Gepäckraum unter dem Bett210x140x40 cm

Gepäckraum1.500 ltr

Lattenrost 2x 140x200 cm

Größe Markise400x250 cm

ZeltstoffTenCate KD24 (Baumwolle) oder WM17 (iQ)


Reifendruck2,5 BAR