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“Okkur finnst það enn vera hrein snilld að genta tjaldað á 1 minútu.”
Um Combi-Camp

Um Combi-Camp

If you dont’t want to miss out on luxury on the campsite, you must buy a Combi-Camp. Good beds protected by musquito netting. A kitchen that’s available during travel and gives you lots of space and the necessary equipment. A tent that erects automatically without any loose poles.

Once on the campsite, it’s easy to place the lightweight trailer on any spot you like. Folding out is easy, and the result is a tent that has much headroom and living space for the whole family.
All your stuff can come along on your holday inside or on top of the trailer. Even bicycles, boats and surfboards. Towing the Combi-Camp is relaxed operation, because it’s compact and lightweigth behind any car.

Because the trailer tent is low, it handles better on the road and you have an unobstructed view. This makes everything safer and much more relaxed. You don’t want your holiday to be too much like work!