Combi-Camp tjaldvagnar

What’s a tent trailer?

A tenttrailers is a compact trailer behind your car that turns into a spacious holiday home in only a few minutes. Complete with comfortable beds and a well-equipped kitchen. It’s simply the most intelligent way of camping.

What’s special about Combi-Camp tent trailers?

Aiming at a way of camping that focusses on the most important things: simplicity, quickness and comfort, the Danish veterinarian Ove Buttenschoen constructed the first Cimbi-Camp down in 1950. Setting up a tent with a solid floor under your feet, a comfortable bed and headroom in the blink of an eye is still how it works until this day. See for yourself in the video’s on this website.

The only thing you have to worry about is where you want to go. The Combi-Camp will follow you anywhere and can be set up on almost every surface. Storm-proof and all.