Combi-Camp trailer tents

What’s a tent trailer?

Maybe a tent trailer is the most intelligent way of camping. While travelling you have a lightweight trailer behind your car that gives you an unlimited rear view. Pitching the tent is easy because the tent is mounted on the trailer and the frame is already in place. The result is a spacious tent with lots of headroom and a comfortable bed. It’s simply camping without any of the disadvantages.

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What’s special about Combi-Camp tent trailers?

It was back in the fifties, somewhere on the Danish country side, that Ove Buttenschoen developped the Combi-Camp system. Simplicity and speed were the main goals. Setting up a tent in which you can stand up straight, sleep well and with a solid floor under your feet. And all that in a blink of an eye. It still works that way. Just take a look at the video’s on this website.

It’s the sober Danish concept of a trailer with all the luxury of a caravan in a box smaller than almost any car. Only Combi-Camp is stormproof on any surface and lifts you off the ground. Above all Combi-Camp is functional and practical, so your only worry is making the best of your holiday.

Which tent trailer suits me best?

A tenttrailer is the smartest way of camping. Easy on the road, luxury on the camping. But what else do you find important or indispensable?

  • Luggage space for two or six, or just one
  • Do bicycles, rubber boats or surfboards come along
  • How many do you want to sleep
  • Is cooking one of your favorite activities
  • Want to show off with your black aluminium wheels
  • Do you go south or north

The answers to these questions determine the type of Combi-Camp that fits you best. The Combi-Camp Valley for those who just want a bed on wheels, the Country for those who want to make the most of their family holiday. Visit one of our dealers to find your perfect match.

Travelling with a tent trailer

Do you whish to travel to the south of France or Spain? Then the trip will be much more pleasant if you can do quick stop overs in your own bed. The County and Valley stand in minutes on any surface, you don’t even have to take the trailer off your car. Most Combi-Camp tent trailers have a fully equipped kitchen that can be used during travelling for a fast but healthy bite. No more standing in line at the road restaurants.

Where do you want to camp?

In warm surroundings you need shade and a tent that breaths and ventilates. That’s why we use unbleached and undyed cotton. Because it reflects the sun and gives you a cool atmosphere. All Combi-Camp tents can be opened on all sides, set out as canopies, and most windows are equipped with musquito netting.

But on the north cape a Combi-Camp tent trailer is in his element just the same. The solid floor keeps the cold outside and the sleeping cabins create an isolating shell around your bed. The revolutionary iQ material is at his best in these conditions. It has breathing ability, but at the same time it’s resistant to longer periods of humidity.