The Combi-CampValley Std

A holiday in a Combi-Camp is one the whole family will remember because they were all able to relax. It is easy to tow, quick to erect and stow away. And no-one will forget those cosy hours spent in the sun and later on in the awning, where the family enjoy their evening meal. Awake the following morning to the song of birds, while the wind gently tugs at the tent cloth – you really are on holiday.

Space for the entire family

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  • Available with 2 different layouts:
  • Bedspring 160×220 cm (kingsize) or
  • Bedspring 2x 120×210 (lits jumeaux)
  • 2-7 persons
  • Sleeping cabin
  • Firm floor
  • Overrun brakes
  • 1.000 litre luggage box
  • Can be erected without the use of pegs



Technical information

Max weight750 kg, 1.650 lb

TAR weight280 kg, 617 lb

Loading weight470 kg, 1.036 lb

Dimension trailer364x168x114 cm, 143x66x45 inch

Luggage 1.000 litre, 220 gallon

Bed kingsize160x220 cm, 63x87 inch

Bed lits jumeaux2x 120x210 cm, 2x 47x83 inch

Tent fabricTenCate KD24 (cotton) or WM17 (iQ)

Wheel 20.5/8.0R10

Tyre pressure2.9 BAR