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Privacy Policy

Aart Kok Adventure Flagship Store B.V.
Cruquiusweg 29
2102 LS Heemstede

Version: 23-5-2018, Version 2018.05.04M

We respect the privacy of the visitors on our website and make sure the personal information you provide is being treated confidential.  

Use of personal data

Aart Kok Adventure Flagship Store B.V process the information you provide on the order form: name, address, rsidence, telephone number and e-mail address. By ticking the box where we ask you if we may use your data for relevant information in future, you  grant u spermission to use your e-mail address for online marketing. You may withdraw your persmission at any time

We only use data given by you directly, in the order form or when making an account. We will only use these data for purposes you explicitly gave permission for, or if  we have to use them by law or in the execution of the agreement we have with you. 

Purposes of personal data

Aart Kok Adventure saves and uses your personal data for:

  • accessing the website;
  • using the functionalities on the website;
  • executing agreements, transactions and services; 
  • getting in touch with you on your request;
  • getting insight in the use of our website;
  • setting strategies and goals;
  • if necessary investigating wrongfull conduct towards Aart Kok Adventure Flagship Store B.V, ;

Description of personal data

We will use the following data: 

  • name-address-residence;
  • means of payment;
  • e-mail address;
  • telephone number;
  • IP-address;
  • technical browser information;
  • cookie ID;
  • klick- and surf behaviour;
  • social media account.

Retention period

We do not keep your data any longer than necessary for the above mentioned purposes. After a period of 10 years, when service on the products expires, your data will be automatically deleted.


We do not provide your data to third parties unless you explicitly gave permission to do so, or we have to by law or in executing the agreement.  

Protection of data

Aart Kok Adventure uses safety procedures and makes sure no unauthorized persons inside or outside our company have access to the personal data and we use SSL, TLS-connections on all systems.

You legal rights

If you have any questions concerning the data we keep, you can contact us on [email protected], or +31 23-5471774.

You have the right to:

  • get explanation on the information we have and the use we make of it; 
  • insight in the exact information we keep;
  • correction of errors;
  • erasing of outdated personal data;
  • withdrawal of permission;
  • oppose to any type of use;
  • transferability of data.

Changes of the privacy policy

Changes in the privacy policy will be published on the website. It is therefor recommended to check the privacy policy on a regular basis to stay informed. 


Aart Kok Adventure Flagship Store B.V.
Cruquiusweg 29
2102 LS Heemstede
Kvk 34187269

Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens

Our policy is based on the regulations given by the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. Any complaints concernng privacy can be adressed to this Dutch authority for personal data. Please feel free to contact .