FLEXI Tent & Trailer

During wintertime, the FLEXI Tent & Trailer can serve as transporter for chopping wood etc. With a tare weight from 400 kg the trailer is extremely light, which also goes for the investment needed.

The looks of the tent are unmistakeable Combi-Camp, but the Flexi is a completely new addition to the product range. Typical Combi-Camp is the all-in-one concept. The difference lies in the way you can add or leave out the different modules:

  • Luggagetrailer
  • Tenttrailer
  • Transporter

The modular platform of the Flexi can be used all year round.

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The trailer is light-weight and easy to maintain, consisting of aluminium sandwich panels. The bottom is made of 15 mm laminated wood, so fit to carry more than just your camping gear.

What you always get:

  • Automatic awning
  • Wind protection triangles
  • Set of bedsprings
  • Luggage compartment / childrens tent
  • Windows in sleeping cabins
  • Overrun brake
  • 219 gallons luggage space
  • Packing/unpacking with tent folded up
  • Dismountable tent-unit

The following can be selected as desired:

  • Camping kitchen
  • Spare wheel
  • Shock absorbers
  • Support feet on front
  • 12 volt connection
  • Sun cannopy
  • Aluminium wheels

The tent is comfortable thanks to the use of material and ventilation possibilities. Even when it rains, you have an all-round view, even from your bed.

Tæknilegar upplýsingar

Max weight750 kg

TAR weight400 kg

Loading weight350 kg

Dimension trailer358x172x115 cm

Luggage space under the bed210x120x37 cm

Luggage space1.000 ltr

Dimension bed2x 140x200 cm

Dimension awning400x250 cm

Tent fabricTenCate KD24 (cotton) or WM17 (iQ)

Wheel 185/65R14

Tyre pressure2.5 BAR