At the table

Head off to the market for fresh fish or local vegetables. With Combi-Camp’s dream kitchen it’s a delight to prepare a delicious meal. A refrigerator, shelf space and a comfortable work height are the facilities you need to conjure up a feast.

Had enough of over-full restaurants where you over-pay for soup-kitchen-quality food? Skip them and get a home-made salad from your own fridge. And for the kids, bring out something they really like, rather than buy yet another plate of chips.

The Combi-Camp kitchen is open 24/7.

On the Valley, the kitchen is optional. Complete de luxe kitchen with stainless worktop with 3 gas burners. Built-in sink with 12 volt battery powered water pump/tap, practical kitchen shelf, 4 large wooden drawers and stowage space for sundry kitchen utensils. Can be completed with a Dometic absorption cooler of 33 litres, that works on 12V, 220V and gas.

Therefore the Valley kitchen

Never have to go to a over-full restaurant where you over-pay for soup-kitchen-quality food.

Always accessible, also during traveling